ReSEED project celebrates its first year with the release of the research blog. The goal of Seeding Ideas is to share findings and learnings, to propose discussions that came to light in our research journey. As a transdisciplinary project, ReSEED crosses different fields of knowledge in a back-and-forth path from past to present. There are interesting topics that worth bringing to a broader audience in the blog, reflecting and widening perspectives beyond the dissemination of the project´s partial and final results within the scientific community.

There will be a new post on the first Monday of each month. Team members, collaborators and invited authors will produce content for Seeding Ideas. The first post What we learnt in our first year “ReSEEDing” is a summary of the events, achievements, partnerships and products that we developed since November 2018. Above all, we share the interesting challenges faced in the research journey and the questions we tried to respond in the first year. For most of them, we are still looking for the best answers. It is just the beginning!